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Round 2 Trial of Strength by DesShade Round 2 Trial of Strength by DesShade
Awwww poor Yates never gets a break with teh ladies ^^''

Trial of Strength

Your gunna wanna read :iconzhampy:'s entry before looking over mine. ^_^
Its meant to be a continuation of the events that transpire after Shanon makes off with Yates beacon! (Alternate universe since I doubt that actually happened, but lets run with it! Its fun!)

:bulletblue: UBF10-697
:bulletblue: Link to “Round 01 Application” [link]
:bulletblue: Link to “Challenging the Blizzard” [link]
:bulletblue: Link to “Found A Beacon” [link]
:bulletblue: Link to “Spotted” [link]
:bulletblue: Link to “Retaliation” [link]
:bulletblue: Link to “Showdown” [link]
:bulletpink: Yates Trainer Application [link]

CHALLENGING THE BLIZZARD Aww dis one turned out so cute! ^^ I think you get a good feel for her party in this piece as Kio plays them a soothing tune~

FOUND A BEACON Ya know, I have nothing against Abamasnow. That said, this has GOT to be the most HIDEOUS rendition of one I have ever seen. T.T (kinda looks like Dr. Robotnic don't ya think?)

SPOTTED Kio's party has nooooo desire to touch this Abamasnow, thus they unleash a flurry of long ranged attacks. Meanwhile in the distance, Yates is emerging from the remains of his snowman, while his Dragonite 'gently' hold Mightyena.

RETALIATION While Charizard hurries to get Kio to a warmer climate, they spot Yates party passing below them. Kio raises a chilled hand for a wave; while Charizard realizes something vastly interesting about the 'ground' they occupy...

SHOWDOWN Stopping abruptly, Charizard unleashes a storm of fire upon them. Startled Kio cries out a moment to late, and Yates and Dragonite crash beneath the waves. Mightyena circles along the remaining banks calling to his trainer and companion.

All at once the two surface, Yates using Dragonite as a flotation device. An excited bout of laughter escapes him as he spots a downed magikarp with a beacon hanging from its lips.

Charizard snorts and Kio relaxes.
The lake is officially a hot spring.

^_^ The last comic panels are meant to be humorous and nothing more~
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Zhampy Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
Wow, this is such a great idea (to carry on from a differet characters' event)! :D And man, your painting is so - i dunno what to say - it's so intense! I love that Charizard xD

Aww, it's alright, Yates, you almost got there in the end xD;;
DesShade Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
Hahaha Zhampy I"m glad you enjoyed it.
^_^ Your entry is what really what inspired me to get moving, and for that I thank u!
I think Yates is a truly amazing character, and I love the originality of his pokemon.
From looking at your Round 2 entry alone, I got a really good feel for their personalities, which i think is adorable.

Keep up the amazing work-You are a very talented artist
Midorii-kiri Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
*low whistle* Nice
Lailiuki Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student Digital Artist

I love the extra colors you added and the sparkles in the background. ( ... It matches Kiokun's entry, ohohoho ) Your painting style makes me wanna wiggle alkjsdflasjlsjlf and the comic at the end is a really cute touch.


Unmeimiru Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
haha. Yates is denied by teh Charizard. :3
LunaVulcan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
N'awwww, cuteness. ^_^
I love d how painted you art looks, it's very soft but not so much it's blurry. The interactions are very insightful and the little comic at the bottom is adorable.

I have to say I'm staring to really love Charizard. :heart:
shirohato Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
Eek! I loves this! I especially love the last two pictures. :D
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